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About Me



I was born in a small village in the southern part of Italy, in a region called Campania. But I have always dreamt to see the world. I started writing since the age of 8, when I fell in love with the book "The Wizard of Oz", a gifted from my school teacher. I learnt soon the power of words and the lessons and dreams they can inspire. I wrote for several newspapers, magazines, and websites in my entire life, to inform, advise, entertain people. Because I believe in happiness and mutual support. My first book, a sort of diary, was written during a UN mission in Guinea - West Africa - in the loneliness of my room. Months later I sent it around and finally, it became a book in 2008 published by RupeMutevole.

In the following years, I travelled and worked around the world, from Milan to Singapore, from London to Nice, following job opportunities and my at that time fiancé, who became my husband later. I worked some years in the humanitarian field, for the INGO Medecins Sans Frontieres, the job that touched my heart the most. I got the chance to know some African countries such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Libya.

I quitted after I was blessed with my first son, Alessandro. My life changed, I went back to my home country, studied learning disorders and started teaching languages to children suffering with ADHD in my mother's foster house. I kept traveling every time I could, together with my son, to Belgium, UK, Azerbaijan, exploring the globe and motherhood at the same time.

In 2019, we all moved (2 adults and 3 kids) to Dubai, but after few months, we were all touched by the pandemics. My son's frustration grew up after we read all the books at home and the bookstores ran out of stock. So, I proposed him to write together a book we would have like to read and started invented short stories about a boy called Alex Baker who lived in Dubai and solved mysterious cases. It became a book after my son reminded me what I had tought him, that is to always complete what we start. 

I met another mom who is also an illustrator, Hanna Orlowski, and together we worked at Alex Baker - adventures in the UAE. Currently, I work independently with no publishers support, as I can keep writing with no pressure for the children and adults joy.



I started writing children's books to give the kids another chance for dreaming, opening their minds, learning a lesson, developping their problem solving skills. I keep writing for adults to support them, especially mothers, in the "jungle" of every day life



Alex Baker's adventures is a thrilogy of detective story books, linked one another. Adventures in the UAE is made of short stories exploring the main landmarks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Alex Baker and the Case of the Drifting Boat is a longer story, set up in Italy during the summer break, when Alex is involved in the mystery of a boat and its disappeared owners. The third, The Mystery of the Merlion, soon to be launched, is about Alex who travels to Singapore with his mum, discovering Singapore and a secret.  

I started a series of "supporting books" within my Time Management Programme, in order to help women and mothers to better manage their time and be able to enjoy some well deserved me-time.

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